Month: August 2014

Let’s not be politically correct, shall we?

I miss the good old days. The days when you could say whatever you wanted and nobody would blink an eye. Sure some folks might take offense when an “unacceptable” term was used, but most didn’t consider just about every word in the English language to be offensive.

What has this world come to that we have to think long and hard before uttering a word? Do people have nothing better to do with their time than to prey on unsuspecting “talkers”?

Words that are considered to be politically incorrect:

In modern versions of the song “Three Little Indians” taught to young children these days, “three little indians” is being replaced with “three little teddy bears” or “three little soldiers”. Really?

I am very 5’2. But do I get offended when someone uses the term “shrimp” in every day conversation? No, I do not. Actually it just makes me hungry. I’m okay with vertically challenged, just for the record. If someone called me a midget (actually some friends of mine do), I wouldn’t take offense, only because I am not really a “little person”. Oh boy, this is all so confusing. If I were a “little person” and was called a midget, I would sucker punch that person right in the…balls. ¬†Oh wait, is “balls” politically incorrect?

I can see some words that would actually be offensive, like retarded. I don’t use this word, as I have a tremendous amount of compassion for anyone who takes care of another who is mentally handicapped (I hope this is the right term?), or any disabilities, really.

Then of course, there are the ethnic/racial words. I DO know which words not to use, but I also DO get confused on what is acceptable from day to day. Asian American, African American, etc. What about Caucasian American? I really don’t like how divided we are. We are all JUST Americans. Unless said person lives in another country…but I don’t know what the “rules” are other places. Again, this all makes my head spin, and wanting to stab myself in the nugget with an ice pick.

politically correct, are you,offensive words

Some other politically correct words and phrases I have heard lately (and some absolutely kill me) are:

Hymenally challenged. YUP – you guessed it. It means those who are not virgins I guess. Why don’t we just say “virgin” or “not a virgin”? Or maybe hymenally challenged is better than calling someone a slut? I really don’t understand this one. I’m hymenally challenged – how about you?
Culinarily challenged. So instead of a husband saying that his wife’s food tastes like ass, it would be better to call her culinarily challenged. He had better learn to duck and dodge quickly, because I’ll bet she knows very well, how to use a cast iron skillet upside his head.
Person of Size. Because nobody will ever know that what you really mean is “lard ass”.
Living Impaired. It means…dead. Can we just say “dead” instead?
Thought Shower. When people come together to share ideas…because “brainstorm” is offensive to those who are mentally challenged apparently. My gawd…soon we won’t be able to use any words we have grown up with at all.
Fresh Person. Instead of Freshmen/Freshman. Oh c’mon!

To be politically correct, or not to be, that is the…oh fuck it.