For Eff’s Sake was created as a place to let folks vent. We all have shit to talk about SOMEONE, right? Or maybe you have some deep, dark secret, or just an annoyance or pet peeve. Let it out sista! Or brother. Men and women are welcome – anyone is really, unless you are some strange creeper or psycho.

Please read over the general guidelines for the site before submitting your story/post.

Basically, you can and can’t do the following:

You can swear! Except for the “C” word, almost anything goes (I hate that damned word).
All posts will be ANONYMOUS!
Send your posts to fbombs@foreffssake.com
Posts will be proofread, although it would be appreciated if you would proofread your own work before submitting. Cuz ain’t nobody else got time for that!
If you have a photo to include, feel free to send it with your post. It may or may not be used.

That’s about it!

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