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see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

You know all of the things you want to say on your own blog, but just cannot because friends, family, neighbors, teachers, employers all read it? Well worry no more! You can talk smack about them and they will never know it!

Yep, this is the place to just let it all hang out and say what you want.  Hate your mother-in-law?  Let us hear all about it!  Is your husband/wife an asshole?  Is your boss a real douche? Yep, we want to know the details.  Anything goes really, so feel free to let the fucking expletives fly and get it all out. And you can rest assured that your post will be anonymous.

Even if you aren’t necessarily mad at someone, but just have a secret to tell the world, this is the place.  You can use fictional names if you don’t feel comfortable using real names.  Of course, some people just deserve to have their real names used, but that is your call.

Submit your stories, secrets, vents, rages, fights, annoyances, and whatever else.

RULES (rules suck, but we have to do it):

1)  Check your grammar!
Don’t type in all caps
Make sure that you DO capitalize names, places, etc.
Proofread your posts before sending 

2) Racial slurs/references are not acceptable
3) Extremely vulgar posts may not be accepted


1) If you would like to include photo(s) to accompany your post, feel free to send them in your email
2) If photo(s) are not provided, we will add one or more to, you know, spice up the post a bit
3) You will have the option to allow comments or not allow them.
4) We reserve the right to make slight changes to submitted posts if necessary.
5) We also reserve the right to not publish your post if it doesn’t fit these guidelines


1) Write a kick-ass post or a post expressing how you want to kick someone’s ass, or whatever.
2) Email your post & photos to: fbombs@foreffssake.com
3) Your post will be published asap!


All posts are anonymous!

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